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Our Deliciously Sweet Menu

COOKIES (Starting at $24 per dozen)

Butter Cookies

The name says it all! A rich and fluffy buttery soft baked cookie like no other! 

Oatmeal Raisin

Not just your ordinary oatmeal raisin, this cookie parades a spiced glaze that entices you back for more!

Cranberry Walnut Oatmeal

Our oatmeal cookie batter with cranberries, walnuts, and citrus zest!

The Cowboy

Also known as our Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. This cookie features our bakery standard oatmeal cookie batter and both dark and milk chocolate morsels. 

White Chocolate Chip

Soft. Same decadence as our Old Fashioned Chocolate Chip cookie, but with white chocolate morsels.

Old Fashioned Chocolate Chip

You cannot go wrong with this timeless favorite. This soft baked cookie features three types of chocolate morsels. Pecans available.

Chocolate on Chocolate on Chocolate

Various gourmet chocolate morsels blended together to create a true chocolate indulgence. Pecans available.


A flavorful soft baked buttery sugar cooked that is rolled in the perfect cinnamon sugar blend. This cookie will melt delightfully away in your mouth. 

Peanut Butter 

If you are a peanut butter lover, then this is the cookie for you. With the quintessential flavors, this cookie can be made two ways: smooth or crunchy (with chopped peanuts).



Red Lady

The Red Lady is the traditional red velvet cake that you know and love. Three yummy layers of red velvet cake frosted with rich creamy icing. 

Chocolate Dream

Rich dark chocolate cake takes center stage! This impressive layer cake boasts a delightfully moist and a deep chocolate essence. Chocolate cake. Chocolate frosting. Chocolate ganache. A chocolate dream!

Lemon Velvet  

If you love the flavor of lemon then this cake is for you! Layers of moist lemon cake with a lemon buttercream frosting. Topped with homemade candied lemon! 

Carrot Cake

Traditional, moist, and perfectly spiced. Filled and iced with our decadent creamy frosting. Seriously spectacular!

Italian Crème Cake

Rich vanilla-almond hinted layer cake loaded with coconuts and pecans. Creamy frosting skillfully wraps around the cake pleasing the palette.

Chocolate Cookies &  Crème Cake

This cake is packed with wonderful goodness. Dark chocolate cake, fluffy crème filling, and iced with our deliciously creamy frosting. Decorated with chocolate crème filled cookies.


Southern Style Pound Cake 

A rich and buttery Bundt cake. This moist cake is smooth and flavorful with a hint of secret spice. Showered with a sugar glaze. Delicious!


Old Fashioned Yellow Butter Cake

With a buttery and moist yellow layer cake, one cannot go wrong with this dessert. The cake is enveloped in wonderful chocolate buttercream frosting. 


Ultimate Strawberry

This strawberry cake is the real deal! Three moist rich layers of strawberry cake with pieces of fresh strawberries nestled in. Silky, creamy strawberry frosting is wrapped around the entire cake. 

The Vanilla

Tender, moist, and delicious, this elegant layer cake is simply lovely. Hints of nutty almond and sweet vanilla make this cake a true winner! 

Coconut Crème Cake 

This cake is all about the coconut. Lovely layers of coconut cake with sweetened shaved coconut flakes throughout. Iced with a creamy and delicately flavored frosting.


The Classic 

The classic style cheesecake serves as the basis of our cheesecakes. Made from rich cream cheese and only the finest ingredients. The Classic can be ordered plain, fruit swirled, or topped with strawberry, cherry, salted caramel, or chocolate syrup. 


The Campfire cheesecake captures all the memories of making smores and backyard fun! A delightful combination of marshmallows, chocolate and caramel over a smooth cream cheese filling tucked away into a graham cracker crust. 


This cheesecake is filled with chocolatey goodness. Chocolate cheesecake with a chocolate ganache topping on a chocolate cookie crust is for true chocolate lovers only! 

Lemon Supreme

Rich and bright! A delicious cookie crust, lemon and white chocolate filling are topped  withfreshly whipped lemon crème. For an elevated flavor, order it with a gingersnap crust. Scrumptious! 


Cookies & Crème Cheesecake

This showstopper is filled with fluffy cream cheese and chocolate crème filled cookies with a chocolate cookie crust. Topped with freshly whipped vanilla crème.  

Red Lady Cheesecake 

This is two cakes in one! Our Red Lady cake and our Classic Cheesecake have been masterfully combined to create this delectable confection. The Classic holds its own between two moist layers of red velvet cake and frosted in a creamy, silky icing. 

Pecan Pie Cheesecake

Love pecan pie? Love cheesecake? Have both! The Classic sits atop a delectable pecan pie layer and baked to perfection. This cheesecake also holds several yummy secrets, but we will only tell you one: Toffee. 

White Chocolate & Raspberry 

Oh yes! This cheesecake features a creamy white chocolate filling with layers of sweet and tart raspberry puree peeking through. Layered atop a rich chocolate crust. Exquisite!

Pies and Bars


Award Winning Southern Sweet Potato Pie 

Our deep-dish sweet potato pie boasts several winning prizes! We do not skimp on our made from scratch, flaky, and buttery pastry crust. Creamy wonderfulness!

Lemon Bars 

Tart lemon flavor offset by the sweetness of sugar nestled on a bed of rich and buttery shortbread. Dusted with powdered sugar. Magnificent! 

Chocolate Brownies 

Decadently satisfyingly chocolate brownies made perfect with gourmet chocolates, toffee and the nuts of your choice (almonds, or walnuts).


Shortbread Bars

Butter, sugar, and flour goodness supreme! We use high quality butter to make them even more rich and oh so good-for-you! 

Key Lime Pie

Our key lime custard is enveloped in a sweet graham cracker crust that is baked to perfection. Topped with our delicious freshly whipped key lime crème. 


Moist. Chewy. Yummy. Golden vanilla bars highlighted with the richness of brown sugar. Topped with a browned butter glaze. 

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